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Twitter users were aghast about the optics of this key moment in the speech.
The namesake son of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos appears to have won the presidency in a reversal of the 1986 “People Power” revolt that ousted his father.
The latest steps have further frustrated residents, who were hoping a more than monthlong lockdown was finally easing.
The 44 bodies were found in a five-story building that collapsed in March in Izyum, about 75 miles from the city of Kharkiv, in Ukraine.
As protesters yelled "fascists!" Sergey Andreev was hit with fake "blood."
A Jewish leader in the town of Drohobych is outraged by the Russian president's invasion of his country — and his unfounded justification for it.
The documentary will including footage capturing the monarch as a young mother and her beaming at her engagement ring.
The son and namesake of Ferdinand Marcos has taken a commanding lead in an unofficial count in the deeply divided Asian democracy's election.
Buckingham Palace released a statement revealing that the 96-year-old monarch will not be attending the state opening of Parliament.
Putin falsely portrayed the fighting as a battle against Nazism, thereby linking the war to what many Russians regard as their finest hour: the triumph over Nazi Germany.