U.S. Congress

Smith’s opponent, state Sen. Don Davis, has cast votes to undermine abortion rights.
President Joe Biden on Wednesday highlighted new figures showing the government’s red ink will grow less than expected this year and the national debt will shrink this quarter.
Brown’s second consecutive victory over former state Sen. Nina Turner was widely anticipated.
The clock is ticking for Democrats who want to cement the right to abortion.
Mineta, formerly the mayor of San Jose, served as the nation's transportation secretary during the 9/11 terror attacks.
Democratic lawmaker said he has warned some far-right colleagues that if they don't snap out of it, they'll be selling "incense and flowers at Dulles Airport."
Reports found Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene liked social media posts on executing Democratic politicians before her run for Congress.
Andy Parker, whose daughter was killed during a live broadcast in 2015, sought to enter the Democratic primary in an effort to unseat GOP Rep. Bob Good.
The former congressman alleged that the cable network intentionally published a false news article claiming he was involved in efforts to get “dirt” on Joe and Hunter Biden.
"Daily Finance" Senior Features Writer Bruce Watson joins Marc to explain the student debt crisis.