Tucker Carlson Undermined On His Own Show By Perfectly Timed Middle Finger

Twitter users called out the "snowflake" host for his dramatic overreaction.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was mocked on social media Monday after trying to show his audience a “mob” of abortion-rights demonstrators but instead getting the finger.

Carlson told viewers he was about to broadcast “live pictures” of a protest outside the home of Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito, author of a leaked draft opinion that, if issued, would overturn Roe v. Wade. Carlson noted that this was “what it looks like when you write an opinion the mob doesn’t like.”

Rather than a seething mob, however, the live footage featured a woman speaking into a megaphone with some people standing behind her.

At one point, the woman raised a middle finger.

“Ah!” Carlson reacted, shaking his head. “Let’s turn that off, too much.”

It’s not clear if the woman speaking knew she was being broadcast live on Fox News.

Twitter users were quick to mock Carlson, a confessed liar who has repeatedly shared white nationalist talking points on his show, for being so offended by the finger ― especially given some of the other stuff he’s aired, such as a homoerotic celebration of male bodies that included advice on testicular tanning:

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