Social Justice

From meatpacking to homebuilding, a lack of workers is costing Americans at a time when inflation is already a top concern.
Eight months into temporary status, Afghan evacuees in the U.S. only have limited — and difficult — options to stay in the U.S. permanently.
"I, and the many other moms who've had to take time out of the workforce, need your grace and understanding."
Scott Johnson's violent death, at a site that was known as a gay meeting place, was initially called a suicide.
Scott White faces the possibility of life in prison for Scott Johnson's murder. Prosecutors said his death, initially dismissed as a suicide, was a gay hate crime.
The far-right lawmaker said some Christians are helping undocumented immigrants because "Satan's controlling the church."
A federal judge in Louisiana ordered the Biden administration to stop phasing out a public health rule that allows the expulsion of migrants without a chance to seek asylum.
President Joe Biden is struggling to deal with a surge of migrants on the southern U.S. border, as seen in photos showing crowded Border Patrol tents that are not designed for long-term custody.
Texas and Missouri, which sued to keep the program in place, said it has helped reduce the flow of people into the U.S. at the southern border.
The right-leaning Supreme Court has ordered President Joe Biden to reinstate a Trump-era immigration policy informally known as Remain in Mexico.