Conservative Pundit Shares Candidate’s Misogynistic ‘Housewife’ Line At Her Door

CNN’s S.E. Cupp offered some blunt home truths to door-knocking political hopefuls after an exchange that was "straight out of the 50's."

Conservative CNN commentator S.E. Cupp said a candidate for local political office knocked on her door Monday with a pitch “straight out of the 50’s.”

Cupp said the candidate, whose name or party she did not reveal, said she looked “very nice for a housewife.” He then “asked if my husband was home,” the pundit recalled on Twitter.

“Because of course he did. Little did he know I run this shit,” Cupp wrote.

Cupp told the man her husband “was unavailable, and I’d make sure he got his brochure just as soon as I asked him to take the trash out.”

“Guess what was on top of the trash pile.”

Asked by one Twitter follower to share doorbell camera footage of the exchange, Cupp replied: “Nah, I almost feel bad for him. He doesn’t know what century he’s in.” She later told another person that the man was “100% a time traveler.”

The bottom line, Cupp said in her final post about the encounter, is that “women vote, too, you Neanderthals.”

“When a woman answers the door, she’s your voter. Talk to HER,” she concluded. “And just bc she’s home doesn’t make her a housewife. It might make her the ruler of her domain. Stop looking past us. We are running it all.”

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