CNN’s S.E. Cupp offered some blunt home truths to door-knocking political hopefuls after an exchange that was "straight out of the 50's."
Pennsylvania candidate Doug Mastriano’s campaign “threatened to kick us out” and was “unhappy we stayed,” CNN’s Kyung Lah revealed.
Twitter users called out the "snowflake" host for his dramatic overreaction.
Michael Kosta's parody video ends with a not-so-surprising twist.
"This can't be real," one critic fired back at the former White House doctor who once raved about Donald Trump's "excellent" health.
Watch as the Texas senator awkwardly contradicts himself.
“Quite frankly, I’m not asking for a medal, but everybody else just stood there," he said.
Protesters marched and chanted in front of the homes of several conservative justices to protest the court's apparent decision to gut abortion rights.
The president said Russia's sloppy, vicious invasion of Ukraine hasn't achieved its goals, but he worries Putin does not know how to end it.