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"This was not just the typical conservative ideology that I had seen cozying up to evangelicalism over the years. This was something else."
"I was back in class the next day and back to work the day after that. I did not feel transformed. I did not feel sad. I was thrilled ... to have my own body back."
"For weeks, my son and I watched as our beloved Papa became skeletal in his appearance."
"He grinned as if he had the world’s best secret and could barely contain it. 'I am making something special for someone special. It’s a surprise,' he told me."
"I sat on the bench by the back door as she rolled her suitcase past me. I silently screamed, 'Please stay; we can work this out,' but her expression was determined, her eyes fixed and resolute."
"I started sending money home instead of visiting and avoided her phone calls; when I said 'I love you' it felt like a lie."
"Come say goodbye to your mother," he told my grandmother as he brought her and her siblings into the kitchen, where their mother lay dying.
"Sure, this question may have been a red flag, but ... this was my big chance. So I told her."
"I, and the many other moms who've had to take time out of the workforce, need your grace and understanding."
These are the stories I've heard. I could tell you a thousand more. One of them might belong to a woman you know.