The Must-Have Items From The Home Edit Collection At Walmart

Clutter? Don't know her. From fridge organizers to pantry stands, here are the items you need to snag from The Home Edit's Walmart collection.

Even if you’re not a serial organizer, one episode of Netflix’s “Get Organized With The Home Edit” and you’ll instantly become one.

Even if you don’t plan on going professional like The Home Edit co-founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, you can still get a streamlined, aesthetically-pleasing space thanks to The Home Edit’s impressive line of organizers.

Whether organizing comes naturally to you or you need a bit of assistance, the collection consists of essentials that keep your life contained—bins, systems, and cubbies included. To help you on your journey to a tidier home, we’ve rounded up the best organizers from the collection that have made everything from the kitchen to the playroom less cluttered (and more zen). You’re welcome.

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The Home Edit 10-piece plastic bath edit
This 10-piece system takes the guesswork out of organizers. You can use it in your office desk for supplies like paperclips, your favorite pens, and post-its, or you can place it in the top drawer of your makeup vanity to hold your most used products. If you prefer a clean, product-free bathroom countertop, you can also use it in your bathroom drawers to house your everyday essentials like your toothbrush, hair ties and face mask of the week. Best part? The set is modular, meaning the pieces are separated and can be "tetris'd" as you wish to fit your space.
The Home Edit low wall turntable
Besides the fact that it makes more space in your cupboards and cabinets, a turntable is just plain fun. And, the options for what you can store on one are limitless: spices, medicine and even condiments in your fridge. What we love about this one from The Home Edit is that while most turntables are 9", this one is 10", which makes all the difference when you're using it for things like soda cans and larger vitamin bottles.
The Home Edit 2-pack of large bins, 10" x 10" x 6"
Playroom art supplies getting out of hand? Pantry overflowing with your back stock of peanut butter? These large bins are perfect for tidying up several areas of your space. Because it features dual handles, you can even use it to tote around cleaning supplies around the house or in your dorm room to bring your shower essentials to and from your room. And with its functional stackable design, you won't have to worry about sacrificing any horizontal space in your cabinets.
The Home Edit 4-pack of medium insert bins
Say it with us: Everyone needs a junk drawer. Now, with these medium insert bins, yours can be a little less unsightly. They're quite tall (nearly 3") and can be used to organize little knick-knacks you have rolling around in your drawer. But perhaps our favorite use for these bins is in the pantry — use it to store single-packaged snacks like chips or popcorn for easy, on-the-go snacking.
The Home Edit 5-piece laundry edit
Give your laundry room an upgrade with this 5-piece set. It includes two stacking bins that you can use for taller detergents on top and other laundry essentials like wipes and dryer sheets on the bottom (the bins features open fronts for easy access). The set also includes two narrow stackable bins for other items like sponges and cleaning brushes. Finally, for things you use on the regular (think: spot treatments and glass spray), the nifty turntable comes in handy.
The Home Edit 3-tier riser
Whether you use it in your fridge to store your salad dressings and beers, your pantry to store your canned goods, or your bathroom vanity to show off your skin care, this three-tiered riser is a feast for the eyes. Gone are the days when you'd have to rummage through your items to reach whatever's in the back — each section is perfectly leveled so you can get what you need with ease. What's more, this pack of two can be customized to fit your space — simply slide one on top of the other to get the perfect size.
The Home Edit narrow bin
Make use of vertical space with these narrow stacking bins, perfect for things you don't need often but still want to keep contained, like plastic cutlery and wrapping supplies like scissors and ribbons. You can also use it for that difficult-to-navigate area underneath the sink for things like cleaning supplies, extra rags, and disposable gloves. They're exceptionally sturdy (as with all of The Home Edit's organizers) and are crafted to last.
The Home Edit 8-piece multipurpose ddit
The only thing we love more than organizational bins are bins within bins, as evidenced by this 8-piece set, which comes with two large stacking bins and a variety of different sized inserts to put inside them. There's no end to what you can use this for (or where)—in your kid's room for their school supplies, in your closet to house your sewing essentials, or in your garage for extra tools and screws.
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