A report has found that the condition of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has deteriorated since its last evaluation by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in 2014. The causes cited for this include climate change, overfishing and coral bleaching events. Experts believe its condition can be improved if strong local and global actions are taken. The reef’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage listing is at risk considering this outlook.
A puppy described as "absolutely a wiggle bottom" has found a loving family after being saved from a locked crate someone threw in a river.
California's water usage jumped nearly 19% in March.
The world is changing before our eyes. With global warming, human damage and the disintegration of traditions, the threat to planet Earth's most beautiful wonders is very real. Now is the time to witness these precious places before they change forever.
Hawaiian monk seals still face major threats, but their numbers are higher than they've been in 20 years.
The elephant mother has "managed to keep her babies alive against all odds and through a fierce drought."
Sagebrush Rebellion PAC, led by former Trump officials, is making a documentary starring the most rabid opponents of the "30x30" initiative.
"Our staying in Ukraine, our continuing to work — it’s some kind of resistance of Russian invasion."
The dog, Baby Girl, was left with a heartbreaking note from an owner who clearly loved her, the Wisconsin Humane Society says.
“The number of deficient, high-hazard dams is increasing."